Meet Ojai Plant Works

Ojai Plant Works is headquarted in Ojai, California, a small town located East of Santa Barbara. If you've seen our truck, you've seen our logo. It's the Dudleya, the only native succulent to Ojai. This represents us.

We sell Orchids, Succulents and Tillandsias all in unique vessels, on stands and in frames. In addition to our signature products, we also sell specialty interior plants such as Staghorn Ferns and Alocacias, just to name a few.

We believe that simple is best, so our products are made from mostly recycled materials built right here in the USA and priced fairly so that everyone can share our passion for beautiful plants incorporated with creative products.

Our signature products are available through our online store and ship easily to anywhere in the United States. For more information about our mobile plant shop, please visit the Only in Ojai section of the website.

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on every order, every time.


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